What Spell Surrounds You Tape

by Holy Vex

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all songs written and performed by Holy Vex

recorded by Adam L. & D.K. 2014


released April 15, 2015

all music written by Al G and DK

produced by Psychic Death!



all rights reserved


Holy Vex Greenfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Side 1: Has It Already Happened - Greasy Boiz - Pensacola
Has It Already Happened
Other 'til your time comes, be unreasonable and/or you'll strangle. An idle mind misses what, two- four distant lands call it strayin'. Well, I'll pray on it, if you pray on it too.
I want to find, want to bind, want to elevate your mind. To, to all that's true, to all that's you, to all that's anything you might like to be, for all to see, for all to see, for as you thanklessly do chores, oh oh take those doors off their nails it's your personal war.
What have you got to say? You got a little mind up in that head? I think they'd like to know what to do when it gets cold. It keeps me wide awake, now I need it twenty times a day. I think that I'd like to know, but it's got a mind of it's own.
Has it already happened? Gulp, I'm coming out of the shell. God who'd want to be afraid of everyone? Or a friend to anyone?

Greasy Boiz
She seemed a bit surprised that you sound precise, as the company flows from behind her eyes. Little lambs falling out of the fold, everybody screams for the rock n roll, sic em sic em sic em on the night.
And everything that you thought you should know, you do.
And everything that you thought you should say, ooh ooh!
Well it's a test I guess, not my best, oh I'd rather be a fiction of your eye.
Oh and you'd become a target for the sexual advances of a million ex-brilliant american bores. But you'd still seem romantic to me.
Spill your mind's intentions. Demonize invention. I heard you'd thrill mine. Be my world, come thrill me. Oh, what a thrill... oh my!
They tread lies, but they're wrong... you're really hard to know, you're really hard to know.
You're really hard to know, goddamn.

Pensacola. I heard a vision of an apocalyptic dream. Oh how I'd wanna be in the land of that dream!
Shred, all my head, what's in my head, what's on my head! Oh I hate my home, this ain’t my home, this ain't my home! Oh I think I'm dead, am I dead? I think I'm dead!

Will I want to know, all there is about the soul? Oh really, I ain't lying, I got nowhere to go. Why build tomorrow what satan can kill today? Oh really, I ain't lying, I got nowhere to be, at least not this time of year... Pensacola.
Track Name: Side 2: Remote Control - Wallz - Shit, Shoot
Remote Control
Bind it to the toil. It's got no mind at all. Feed it as it grows. Dead inside it's phone. Dare to lose hope, it stays I know. Already turned to soil. Already turned to gold. But I am not afraid of you, at all.
Did you miss me when you hang up the phone? Did you get high cause there's nobody home?
In your damn-it-all, ah-ha, na na na na na way?
Did you miss me when there's nobody home? Or did you diss me when you hang up the phone?
Well I could laugh it off, ha ha, na na na na no way!
Remote Control. Remote Control. Remote Control. Remote Control.
Remote Control. Don't hang up the phone. Under control, they don't wanna know. Hang up the phone, I don't want to know. There's nobody home, there's nobody home.

Walls! That surround you, spiraling downwards, speak into those spirals, cause they know right where you're headed... salt!
Did you know? We're going up on the wallz, we're getting higher than god, and everything has turned gold. Better now that you have captured my crown, now that the lights have come down, you know we're acting it out .. oh no. Ah! Ah! Ah!

Shit, Shoot
Woo! Well you say you want to take me far away, but you hide your feelings. I got the days and the nights aligned, if you wanna be a friend for a day.
And nobody will ever be the same as they are at this instant, I let the days and the nights collide, now you wanna be the friend far away?
Our love binds my light, I am not afraid. I got a waste of time, I'll settle up some day. And it's my hands I will dedicate. I got a wasted mind, I'll surrender it.
And I want to know, what spell surrounds you? Hey and I want to say, one day I will surrender. Hey and I want to know! Oh and I want to know!
And nobody will ever be afraid like they are at this moment. I got the days and the nights alive, if you want to make a friend out of me.